Here for you!

Whether you are seeking your first rehab, have a full rental portfolio, have a few vacation rentals, or any other type of interest in investment real estate this show will share stories of folks that have done it and can help guide you and inspire you!

Your Hosts

Who We Are

Marshall Saunders and Heather Foss serves as your guides and hosts for the flipping awesome adventure that is Flipping Awesome Podcast.


Marshall has been a real estate agent and broker for the last 25 years and has been an innovator in real estate technology and real estate investment methods. A leader in his field, Marshall co-authored the book Mindset, Methods, and Metrics that can be purchased in print or audio by clicking here: Mindset, Methods, and Metrics


Heather Foss is a real estate agent specializing in investment real estate since 2007. She is an infectious optimist that loves to educate. Heather single-handedly created a group for young real estate investors, setting up meetings, seminars, and even bus tours going to investment potentials throughout the Minneapolis area.


What We Do

Flipping Awesome Podcast is about the stories of those brave entrepreneurial people who have bought, rehabbed, held or sold investment real estate.

It can be a scary proposition. You have a lot of money and time on the line. If it goes well, you can make good money and achieve dreams of financial independence and professional growth. If it goes poorly, you can set you’re your financial health by years and dim hopes of retirement and financial freedom. These are those stories…good…bad…or otherwise.

Flipping Awesome Podcast is not meant to be “how-to” to become an investment real estate titan. Rather, we want to take you inside the financial and let investors tell their own and real stories about what they have done, how they did it, and their outcomes…warts and all. Celebrate the victories and a nurse the injuries along with real estate investors across the country.

Our podcast tells the stories, our membership web site gives you video content, worksheets, blogs, and other helpful information to tell the full story of investment real estate.

Who knows…maybe we are going to be telling your story next!


Connect With An Expert

Here’s the deal. To properly buy investment real estate you need knowledge. If you have that knowledge on your own, good. Go for it. If you are not 100% sure you have every ounce of knowledge needed to jump into or grow, your investment real estate portfolio or to rehab homes, please use a qualified Realtor. We have a network of Expert Realtors across the country that can help you.